Part II of our project ‘ the hunt for national working champion titles’ was completed when three of our team members finally made their show debut at resp. age 6 and 5 and 4 in order to get a show result which entitles them to get the title of Swedish working champion.

Last September we brought our main team leaders Pamuk and Olive as well as Timmie, Babe and Iden to a show. With the exception of Iden, for all of the others it was their first time on a show.
This time we brought our most reserved dogs Erasmus, Puak and Tom Poes. Definitely the ones who are most uncomfortable in the ring. Yet, they were o.k. to be examined by the judge. We were very happy that all got a result that entitles them now to get the Swedish working champion title. Both Erasmus (5) and Puak (6) are Finnmarksløpet500 finishers and have many merits from other races were as TomPoes (4) has results from Beaver Trap Trail 350 in 2015 and Femundløpet 2017 and PolarDistans 160 in 2017, but only Polardistans is counting as merit, so she still needs two more.

SPHK show of district Övre Norra, Piteå. 16.07.2017
Judge: Mari Pajakoski of Finland.
Erasmus: Excellent, pl. 3 in Working Class
Puak: Very Good in Open Class
Tom Poes: Working Class; Good, due to slight overbite